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Gucci x The North Face - AR capsule

Perhaps you thought that there was nothing left to present on the Gucci x The North Face capsule collection as we have already dived deeply into this subject. Well, luckily you are wrong! Did you know that the collaboration between the two brands leads to a cool and original augmented reality experience? Discover the backstage story in this new case study.

The challenge: transform your living room into a campsite with LiDAR and Snapchat

When Snapchat briefed us on this augmented reality experience, the mission was clear "we're going to turn the user's living room into a campsite".

The main innovation behind the experience is the use of LiDAR technology which is implemented on the latest iPhones and compatible with Snapchat. This distance measurement technology makes it possible to scan an entire room and detect the surfaces in order to position virtual objects.

Examples of LiDAR use on Snapchat

This technology allows us to use walls, ceilings or tables, and even hide objects behind your sofa, such as a campfire for example.

Our approach: photogrammetry use for maximum fidelity

3 iconic products from the capsule collection are displayed in this augmented reality experience. A hat, a backpack, and a tent. Our first goal was to recreate products from the Gucci x The North Face collection that were the most optimizable for augmented reality i.e. usable in real-time and adapted to the capabilities & cameras of phones. To get the most accurate version of the products, whether in terms of proportions but also colours and textures, we used photogrammetry, then retopology technology.

Due to the dimensions of the tent, it was impossible to take photos in our studio, which is why we opted for traditional 3D modeling using photos as references.

The result: take out your sock and flip-flops

Other than a relaxing campfire, native flowers, and a beautiful blue sky, this Lens is an invitation for an experience perfectly in line with the overall campaign of the Gucci x The North Face capsule collection.

An alternative version of the experience without the wall and ceiling effects has been rolled out for Snapchat users who don't have the latest LiDAR-enabled iPhone.

Everyone should be allowed to camp in their living room!

Production Manager
  • Eva Decarnelle
Lead Creative
  • Fatma Laadhari
  • Guillaume Bièche
  • Gabriel Picard
  • Clément Hazan
  • Florian Roussy
  • Jeremy Goncalves
  • Lucas Belot
  • Vincent Fondevila
  • Mathias Boulain
  • Julien Marillet